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For almost 27 years, I’ve been proud to call Southlake my home. My husband and I have raised three amazing Dragons and embraced the undeniable sense of community, involvement, and belonging that’s unique to our city. I have seen our small town grow, change, and evolve into the incredible community we are today. As your Place 1 Councilwoman, I will continue to play an integral role in ensuring that our great city stays rooted in its past while moving into the future. 

For me, that means putting Southlake residents first, fighting to protect and preserve both our green spaces and way of life and focusing on the issues that are so important to us all. As residents, we share a desire to live in a community that echoes the best traditions of a small town.


Land – Protect Our Land & Way of Life

  • Say no to high-density residential housing as we move closer to build-out

  • Continue to preserve and provide open spaces for our residents


Economy -  Provide a Balanced, Mindful Approach to Development

  • Attract, retain, & sustain local businesses

  • Continue to ensure wise fiscal management 

  • Manage traffic flow through critical analysis of new development and explore new and unique methodologies for managing 

  • Lower property taxes


Community - Care for All our Citizens and our Community

  • Focus on the emotional and physical well-being of our children, families, and senior citizens

  • Support our excellent Southlake Police & Fire personnel so they can continue in their mission to provide a safe environment for us to live, work, and play

  • Encourage civic engagement and diversity in arts, culture, and people


My promise to you is this: I will listen to your needs and concerns and I will make mindful, well-thought out decisions that affect our way of life. I take that promise seriously and it comes straight from my heart.  


I believe I have the experience, integrity, and commitment needed to continue serving the people of Southlake. My longtime service to the Southlake community has given me a unique perspective to be an advocate for all residents.

Proven Dedication to Southlake & CISD Schools



Elected to City Council (2020 - Present)

Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee Co-Chair (2022 to present)

Southlake Arts Council Liaison (2021 to present)

S.K.I.L. - City Council Liaison (2022 to present)

Southlake Sister Cities - Current City Council Rep. and Board Member (2023)

Southlake Parks and Development Corporation (2021 to present)

Corridor Planning Committee (2020 to present)

Library Task Force Co-Chair (2022)


Festival Event Chair Art In The Square

Volunteer Chair Art In The Square

President Southlake Women’s Club (SWC)

Annual School Supply Chair Southlake Women’s Club

Foundation Chair Southlake Women’s Club

Executive Board National Charity League, Southlake Chapter

Co-Chair Fashion Show National Charity League, Southlake Chapter

Executive Board (Treasurer, Incoming Board Chair, Board Chair), Carroll Education Foundation

Chair Culinary Celebration Event, Carroll Education Foundation

Board Member Metroport Meals on Wheels

State of Texas High School Educator


Put Southlake Residents First



Protect our way of life

Decrease traffic

Preserve Our Green Spaces

Provide Compassionate Leadership

Fight for

Low-Density Residential Housing

Support Local Businesses & Professionals

Key Issues
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