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About me

For almost 24 years, I’ve been proud to call Southlake my home. My husband and I have raised three amazing Dragons and embraced the undeniable sense of community, involvement and belonging that’s unique to our city. I have seen our small town grow, change, and evolve into what we are today. As your Councilwoman, I intend to play an integral role in ensuring that our great city stays rooted in its past while moving into the future. 

Why I'm Running

I am running for City Council to be an advocate for the people of Southlake and I believe that I will best represent our great city and its residents. I cherish who we are as a community and where we came from. I want to work hard for our city and put our residents first as and we make our hometown even better for future generations. Southlake is a city beloved by its residents. It’s a city that’s unique and unlike any other place in the metroplex. In addition to great shopping and dining options and close proximity to area events and destinations, Southlake residents share a strong sense of community, pride and support, for our city, our schools and our neighbors. More than anything, I want to make sure that we make smart decisions based on our shared values. Our past and present is what connects us and should bring us forward to the future.



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I believe in Southlake and its residents and look forward to continuing my record of service by representing our citizens. My longtime service in our community has given me a unique perspective to be an advocate for all residents and ensure our values and high standards are upheld and defended.

– Kathy Talley


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